Bugs and such

Late Sunday night, I decided to look. I’ve been looking for months now, ever since I heard they were all around the Cincinnati area. Never had I seen anything. But, I decided to look again. And this time…they were there. Just two of them, but two is more than enough. I’m talking about…Bedbugs. Yes, folks, you heard me correctly, bedbugs. Those nasty little critters that don’t usually cause any harm but are extremely hard to get rid of.

I took off Monday in order to clean house and bag up everything they could possibly live in. Then on  Tuesday, the landlord sprayed and bombed (the hamster stayed at the landlord’s office, in case you’re wondering). I bought mattress covers and put powder down ’em. And the total bugs found: 7. Hardly a full-blown infestation. But still. Yucky. Now comes the fun part–watching. And waiting. And praying very hard. And spraying again in 3 weeks, hopefully without having found any more. Hoping I’m good to go for camp in 4 weeks. And that none of the children bring the bugs with them.

My fingers are crossed, my prayers are floating upwards, and I have about 25 garbage bags filled with stuff to take to the laundromat. Which I’ve never been to before. There’s a first time for everything.

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