In which I try to re-cap the past 6 months

So um, yeah, what can I say? 6 months…well. Okay, I guess an update is in order then.

I spent January-March in rehearsals for “The Music Man.” And that’s pretty much all I did. I had the great role of Eulalie Shinn (the mayor’s hilarious wife) and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of a great cast. The performances were the first weekend of April and I got quite the wonderful surprise when not just my parents (whom I was expecting), but my grandparents and two of my aunts showed up! A bit of screaming ensued when I saw them all. Oh hold on, no it didn’t…I’m an adult, I don’t do such things anymore (yeah, right).

Okay, let’s see…after the show I spent time catching up on home-related things: cooking, baking, pretending to be cleaning, spending time  online when I should’ve been cleaning, telling people I was needing to be cleaning,  and sleeping.

I’ve gotten good deals recently, but have severely cut back on my shopping altogether. I have enough cleaning supplies, toothpaste, and deoderant to last me for years…especially those cleaning supplies as they’re rarely used!

I continue to like my job, but have unfortunately found out it will be ending September 1st. Well, not ending, but the hours will be cut in half and I just can’t afford to do that. So…I’ve been given the blessing of two whole months to find myself a new job. I’m sad to be leaving what has been a wonderful work environment, but am excited to see where God leads me now.

I’ve been co-erced/forced/forcefully encouraged to play piano at church. So, I’m regularly playing the organ, aka. keyboard, along with the pianist. And occasionally stepping in as main pianist. Thankfully, a piano student just started coming and I’m sure we can get him to play a bunch! I really don’t mind playing, I’m just not so good at the sight-reading thing. Hymns and I have just never gotten along. Ah well, it’s not for lack of good teaching. Can I just say though, I love my church. When I left Cleveland I was quite dis-satisfied with my churching options and am still thrilled to have found such a warm, friendly bunch in Cincy. Despite the job searching, I’m definitely looking to stay put.

Okay, that’s it for now. I think I’ve pretty accurately summed up my past 6 months. I promise to post again before another 6 months is over. Really, I promise. I will. Seriously now.

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