Catch up time!

I’ve been busy this month! My wonderful college roomie came to visit over a 3-day weekend and we had a blast of culture in Cincinnati. We hit the African Culture Fest, the Symphony Orchestra, the Art Museum, the zoo, and Jungle Jim’s. It was wonderful having her around and I already miss her. BTW, she totally has grocery store envy of my wonderful Meijer. Yep, I’m just a tad happy of that!

Today is a beautifully snowy day. We got somewhere around 3-5 inches overnight and are now expecting sleet. Though the roads look fine now, I played chicken and am working from home today (I love that I can do that!). I auditioned for The Music Man and got the part I wanted: Eulalie Shinn (the mayor’s wife). Practice has started and I think it’s gonna be oodles of fun.

On a not-so-great note, I”ve found out that I have pre-diabetes. Well, that’s not the official diagnoses, but that’s what it is. So, I’m gonna take some meds and go on a diabetic diet. Fun times are ahead. On the other hand, being forced to lose weight is probably a very good thing.

I haven’t been able to hang with my Little Sis for a while and am looking forward to this weekend when I’ll have time to be with her. Alrighty–time to work again.

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