New Year’s and Christmas

I gotta admit, January has never felt like the new year to me. I’ve always operated on the school year so September is the new year to me. However, I no longer work in a school setting. It’s probably about time to adopt January as the true new year that it is. And before you go asking me to share resolutions–I don’t. I make some, I just don’t share them. That way, no one gets to know my failure except myself (and God)!

Christmas was good. I got to have my first spin-out on the highway, heading to my parents’. It was oodles of fun (can you hear the sarcasm dripping?)! I hung out in the ditch for about 2 hours before the tow truck could come as they were so busy (the roads were really, really bad). No damage to me or the car and I got a great hotel room for the night. Thank God! The next day I finished my part of the trip and my family and I relived my childhood on the 8 hour drive to the grandparents’ (almost 25 year old brother and I in the backseat!). My parents threatened only once to “stop this car and toss you two out” so I consider it a successful trip. It was great seeing family (some of whom I hadn’t seen in 2 years) and even my often-surly brother seemed to enjoy himself.

Work has been dead this week. I mean, completely dead. I’ve actually been sitting at my desk doing cross-stitch today and writing my thank-you cards. That’s how dead it is. I’m quite ready for it to pick up again. I would very much prefer not to be one of the budget cuts this year!

Alrighty. Time to get on with non-work. Happy New Year’s all!

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