My Christmas Newsletter

Thought I’d share my Christmas letter this way with my bloggy friends and others rather than mail cards!


Dear Friends and Family,


Merry Christmas! I hope this little letter finds you happy and healthy. My year has been busy and fun. I’ve been stretching my wings and learning all about Cincinnati. It’s hard to believe I’ve only lived here eighteen months! Here’s what I’ve been up to:


·       My new year started in Meijer (similar to Walmart/Target), my new favorite store. I had been babysitting until 11:30pm and stopped in on the way home. I was checking out as 2008 was checking in!

·       In February, I was treated by my aunts to the trip of a lifetime: Hawaii! I got to bring my college roomie along and we spent a whole week exploring the beautiful island of Kauai (plus one day on Oahu). I took over 900 pictures (but only printed about 150).

·       A week after returning from Hawaii, I became a Big Sister. My Little is only 7 and we’ve had a lot of fun together, going to the zoo, the museum, parks, doing crafts, cooking, and watching movies. She’s a great kid and her mom is a Christian so I’m able to take her to church activities.

·       May found me auditioning for “Anything Goes” with a local community theater. I got a part (2 actually) and had a great time learning to not trip over my feet (there was a lot of dance-type choreography). I’m also currently part of a Christmas show-choir with the same theater company.

·       In July, I got a visit from my mom, her parents, and two of my cousins. They were only here for a little over a day, but we went to the zoo and had a wonderful visit (I hadn’t seen the cousins in over 18 months).

·       I changed jobs in September. The child care I worked at was great, but I felt the need to change from being a teacher. I now work for a non-profit which provides training for child care teachers and helps parents find child care. I work with the parents and also help child care providers keep their information up-to-date. It’s very different for me to be in an office, but I’m enjoying the change of pace and my new work. Though no move was needed, I actually work across the river, in Kentucky. So, if I start saying “y’all” a lot, just start listening for a drawl to kick in!

·       I continue to love my assembly here and have been blessed by them as a whole and individually several times this year. I now sing with the praise group (lead singing once a month) and help with Wed. night Kid’s Club.

·       My car has been quite a piece of work this year. Let’s just leave it at: my dad had it for 5 months and I’m ready for a return to horse and buggy!


I just love Christmas! I love the lights, the smells, the sights, and the bells. But mostly, I love what it means. God, becoming human, for me! Amazing! May you have a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with God’s love and peace (even in these fun economic times).

One thought on “My Christmas Newsletter

  1. Hi Karen. Nice to hear what’s happening in your life. When we come out to the Creation Museum as a family next time, we should try to meet up with you (maybe the week before Easter this year?).

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