Baking day

Okay, so all my baking was from mixes, but still…today, after church, I hit Kroger. There I bought eggs (and $1 half gallons of milk!). I came home and got baking. First up, a pan of brownies which I will cut into servings and freeze for future chocolate cravings. Next, Jiffy blueberry muffins (only makes 6). Then, Jiffy corn muffins (2 boxes), yielding 15. A great way to warm up the apartment on a cold day!

In other news, I hit Playhouse in the Park for the first time last night with my Little Sister and enjoyed a great production of “A Christmas Carol.” The tickers were free which made it even better! Also, I woke up to the first real snowfall yesterday morning. Though I hate ice and slipperiness, I enjoy the snow.

The Christmas show I’m in has started performing and I’m having lots of fun with a real audience. It’s a good feeling to bring smiles to the faces of people who may not have so much to smile about. Plus, it’s always fun when the audience has no issues joining in the singing. 

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to be better about blogging!


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