I voted today, did you?

Down here in the Cincy, it took me an hour, but I got my vote in this morning. I was surprised to discover they still use paper ballots here! (This was my first time voting in Cincy). Anyhow, now I’m just praying that I will be able to accept whatever God allows to happen. His will will be done.

Last night, I did a mini-baking spree. I could’ve baked more, but had no room in the freezer. I made a cinnamon coffee cake and blueberry muffins. I froze 6 muffins (it only made 10), and a bit over half the coffee cake. Tonight, the goal is to make a batch of Hamburger Helper to divide up and freeze. I left room in the freezer for it so, here’s hoping it will fit!

In addition, I actually cooked frozen fish for the first time and did pretty well. I made the time to mix some tuna for lunch today (adding in a cut-up dill pickle for some flavor).

The only real bad thing about last night is I spent more at Meijer than I should’ve. I went to grab milk, veggies, saltines, and cold medicine. I walked out with those items plus 4 baking mixes, grapes, carrots, bananas, and 5 packs of Hunt’s Fat-free chocolate pudding. Now, all those items were on sale (except the bananas), and I was going to buy all but the baking mixes later on. But still….I broke the cardinal rule of grocery shopping and my budget will pay. (I was quite hungry while shopping). Ah well.

If you haven’t yet…get out and rock your vote!


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