So the new job is going pretty well. There are lots of “boring” down times, but it’s starting to pick up as I learn more and, therefore, have more responsibilities. Overall, I’m very happy with the change and am looking forward to what is ahead for me.

I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus from my deal-getting. Well, no. That’s not true. I’m curbing my shopping, because I realized I was turning into a deal-catching monster. I was making unneeded (used, but un-needed) purchases simply because it was free or almost free. Therefore, I’ve been forcing myself not to shop until the end of the week, thereby giving myself at least 4 days to decide if I really need an item. It’s been helping quite a bit. I’ve hardly been shopping at all. Last week, I only entered one store the whole week! This week, I need to go grocery shopping, but thankfully there’s a bunch of sales right now.

I’m trying to get a bit more going with my Mary Kay business. I’m really not pushing that one too much, but have made a few small sales. Right now is a good time as people are starting to look towards Christmas, but it’s also a bad time as I’m swamped with activities. Anyhow, if you’re interested in learning about the newest, best products available through Mary Kay, visit my other site at: www.marykay.com/kmusclow. There are some wonderful new scents out and all the makeup is now mineral-based! Check it out.

I’ve been having fun with my little sis and volunteering at the nursing home. I’m finding that I enjoy working with the elderly more than I thought I might. They have so much wisdom and it’s fun to watch them listen to music from their youth. Society as a whole just doesn’t value the elderly as they should. Just a thought.

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