Hurricane winds and a new job

So, last Sunday (9/14), Hurricane Ike hit Cincy! Well, kinda. We had gusts of wind up to 75 mph, which is the level of category 1 hurricanes! Power was out all over the city as trees came crashing down. Personally, I was out of power for about 56 hours, but many were out 100 or more. The quiet was perturbing at first, but then really nice. It gave me time to really hear the noises around me and appreciate God’s nature more. I had no work Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday we still weren’t open for children. Thursday and Friday brought the children back, which made me happy as it was my last week at the childcare center.

That’s right. Today I started a new job. I have my own office and everything! It’s pretty empty, but it’s always nice to start with a clean space. Trust me, I can quickly make a mess of anything. LOL. Anyhow it was a bit boring as the person who will be doing some of my training was on vacation. But, I got to pick out a planner and some office storage (my new big desk has no drawers!). I’m excited.

On a sad note, my dear hamster Cain died this past weekend. I found him last night, but believe he died Saturday. I hadn’t heard him move around for a while, but as I hadn’t been home it didn’t really occur to me. So, I delivered his body to the great dumpster heaven. Don’t get on my back about that please. In the city, you’re not allowed to bury an animal in your yard. Plus, as I live in an apartment, it’s not my yard to dig up anyhow. Today I cleaned out the cage and put it away. I’ve decided to go hamster-less for a little while and see how I feel about that.

I had a good weekend with my Lil Sis, going to Coney Island for the Fall-o-ween event. I rode the Scrambler and learned I should probably never ride again! I felt sick for hours. Thankfully, Lil Sis had fun and it was a beautiful day to be out.

That’s it for now. Keep on smiling!

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