Shopping Deals!

How long will it take me to eat these?

How long will it take me to eat these?

So, I hit Target this morning, buying 10 boxes of 12 ct. Pop-tarts. My total $20. However, I received $10 in Target giftcards. Plus, by buying 10 boxes all at once, I can now send in for the $10 Kellogg’s rebate. Bringing my total to $0! I don’t think I’ll ever want to see Poptarts again though!

I also went to Bigg’s, where I purchased 10 14oz boxes of Cheerios for a grand total of $5.45.  I went to Meijer last night where I tested out buying 3 packets of Kool-Aid in order to get other free items (coupons from All You). It worked, so I went back today to finish. For $1.50, I got 15 packets of Kool-Aid, 16 oz bottle of Kraft Ranch dressing, a large box of Wheat Thins, 12 oz Kraft American cheese singles, 8-pack of Oscar Mayer hotdogs, and a container of Crystal Light. As I was planning on buying cheese and hotdogs anyhow, this was perfect timing!

Last night at Meijer, I picked up a free loaf of Sara Lee bread (which I had today–very good bread), macaroni for $0.49 a box, a free pouch of Uncle Ben’s rice, and 3 packages of Archway cookies for the price of 1.

In addition, it’s a beautiful day today and I took my little sister to the park for a picnic and some fun. It was a great day. Now, off to babysitting!

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