Wow! It seems like a lot has gone on this week, and yet, nothing. I took my Lil Sis out on Saturday. We played at a park for a while and then went shopping to fill a bag with food for the food bank. This little 7-year-old had the right idea in her head and started tossing in more things than I could possibly afford to purchase! She wanted to fill 3 bags! We filled about 1 and 3/4. I’ll have to find some more things to keep her generous heart alive.

On Sunday, my church took a “field trip” to the Creation Museum in the evening. I had been before, but the planetarium was a new experience and it was nice for the social aspect. I also put in a few minutes at the nursing home, helping patients get to a concert. I’m starting to feel more comfortable there. I enjoy talking with those who are all here, it’s the people who are starting to go senile (or already are) that I don’t feel so comfortable with. It was nice though.

Today, I finally took advantage of my volunteer status and went to work out at the independent apts. associated with the nursing home. They have a very nice set-up, complete with tvs to watch while working out. I walked for 30 minutes and got a bit of a sweat. Tomorrow I’ll try the weights maybe.

Life can be interesting, you know? I’ve got another thing to tell you about, but gotta wait till it’s all set up. Nothing big, just an interesting turn.

That’s all for now.

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