The final bows are done

So, after 8 great shows, I am through with my Cincy theatrical debut. I had a really good time and am looking forward to next year. I know that there are shows going on all year, but I’m taking a break for the moment. I enjoy acting, but it’s not my life and I have other social activities which need some attention for a while. For example, I’m a Big Sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. I’ve been kinda ignoring my Little for the last few weeks and am ready to spend more time with her.

Plus, my shopping wonders have suffered. I’ve missed most all the great back-to-school sales! That’s disappointing but, oh well. I had a friend from Cleveland stay with me this weekend and I enjoyed showing her a bit of the city. We ran into the zoo, the museum center, UDF, and Frisch’s. It was a great day!

That’s all for now. I’m not quite sure what to do with myself now that the show is over, but I’m sure I’ll find things to keep busy. I should probably start on my Christmas shopping before the price hikes begin!

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