Meijer Madness!

Yep--Church potlucks, here I come!

Yep--Church potlucks, here I come!

Today at Meijer, I spent $30.39. I saved $45.26!!!!! Between store sales ($32.71) and coupons ($12.55) I saved $14.87 MORE than I spent. I am absolutely thrilled. Thanks to a giftcard from Mom and Dad (yeah!), I only spent $18.24 out-of pocket. How, you ask? Well, mostly I shopped the sales and used coupons. Last week, Ham. Helper and Warm Delights were 10/$10. They were out of what I wanted when I went so I used the power of rainchecks. That brought the price down to $0.58 per box for the Ham. Helper and the Warm Delights were virtually free ($0.45/4). Want coupons? Check out,, and

And this picture isn’t all that great. I really should’ve made two pictures. You can’t actually see everything. Here’s the breakdown: 5 Snack-pack puddings, 4 Warm Delights, 12 boxes of Hamburger (Tuna/Chicken) Helper, 1 package of Edward’s pie singles (2/package), 2.2 lbs. grapes, frozen shrimp ($4.49 down from $10.99!), 2 bags of Hershey’s bliss chocolates, 4 boxes of Toaster Strudels and 1 loaf of bread.

As I live on my own, the 12 boxes of Helper = approx. 60 meals! At 12 boxes for $7, that’s $0.12/meal (Of course, adding in meat and a 1/2 bag of veggies raises that price a bit)! I make a box and freeze 3-4 servings for use on those hyper-busy days.

I also made out well at Bigg’s today: Fiber One bars and Cheerios were 4/$6 if you bought 4. I love ’em so…I got 6 boxes of bars and 2 Cheerios. Minus $1.00 coupon = 8/$11.

Happy shopping!


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