So–I’ve been busy

It’s been a little while, but that’s okay. I’ve been pretty busy recently. I’m in a local community theater production and the rehearsals are keeping me occupied and off the streets. I’m excited though because I finally feel confident in the choreography I have to do!

I’ve had some great deals recently including 3 bottles of Sunsilk for $2.50. I also got 3 bottles of nailpolish at CVS for free (well–$.20 for tax) and got ice cream pints 10 for 10 at Kroger. No pics as I’ve been lazy on that one too.

I found this website called I have naturally curly hair and found this site interesting. It stresses not using shampoo due to its harshness and using only products without silicones. Believe it or not–the no-silicone thing is harder than you may think. However, I’ve gone almost 2 weeks now without shampoo and my hair is curlier and less frizzy! Also, I no longer brush, just run my fingers through it while it’s damp. I wish I had found this website earlier. Anyhow, if you have curly hair, check it out!

I’ve got some family coming tomorrow so I gotta go clean!

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