Good days

The last few days have been some good ones. The musical I’m in is going well (I’m not so sore anymore from all the dancing), I FINALLY got a storage space at my apartment, and I got my best (almost) freebie yet! I just signed on to begin volunteering at a local nursing care unit (has all levels of care). The schedule is really flexible: they email me the calendar and I tell them when I can help. During my quickie orientation, the woman mentioned that as their “thank-you” to volunteers, I’m allowed full, free access to the fitness room and pool! This is both at the home location (about 8 min. from me) and the independent living apartments (walking distance from me). Also, if I’m around during mealtimes, I’m allowed free meals. So…you better believe I’ll be around at least the occassional mealtime. In essence, if I keep volunteering (no minumum amount required)–I get free “gym membership.” Since I was looking to volunteer anyways—it’s quite the deal! That and the storage unit have kept me happy all day.


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