I truly am a Gemini!

Okay, so I put no stock in astrology. However, I’m a Gemini and the whole idea of being two personalities describes me pretty well. I don’t like to write bummer posts, but I just have to get this off my shoulders.

As we all know, gas prices are high and will only get higher (most likely). There’s a new center opening within walking distance of my apartment. I interviewed there and, with the pay raise they offered, I’d be currently saving about $80-$90/month on gas to and from work. Even if I drove (you know, blistering heat or freezing cold), the drive is only about .5 miles, instead of 12ish.  Sounds good, right?

Well…I’m really happy where I am. As a teacher, there is no where better. This new center would put more children in a smaller space. Same ratios (because it’s in the city limits), but more noise and craziness. They’re focused on academics a bit too much for me, plus, they’re a brand-new center. On the other hand, there’s opportunity for me to move up in position. I’d start as a teacher, but could move up in as little as 3 months (if enrollment reaches the right number).

So, I’m torn. I’m also checking out admin. positions at this time, seeing what’s out there. I told this new center “no” for now, but have left the door wide open. The current gas savings is appealing but not enough to make me give up some of my values. However, the idea of gas being higher (therefore, I save more)…that’s something to consider.

Sorry for the bummer post today. On a positive note, I had a great time at the zoo’s Member Night last night! Free cooler and cheap(er) food!

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