Happy birthday to ME!

So, yesterday was my birthday. It’s only the second time I’ve been away from family for the occasion. The other time I was in London, so it really didn’t bother me at all! I had a good day though. In fact, since I moved two days after my birthday last year, this year I felt like a bigger deal was made of it. Mom and dad sent me a beautiful bouquet at work, complete with balloon.

My toddlers were shocked to discover that, even though it was my birthday, they were not getting “cup-e-cakes” as I hadn’t brought any (I’m righting the situation and bringing brownies on Monday!). But, one of my older boys sang “happy birthday” anyways and a few others joined in. It was so sweet!

I picked up some Key lime pie slices and Stewart’s Key Lime soda at Kroger as a treat for myself. I chatted with a neighbor for an hour and then settled in to open cards and eat left-over chicken, pie, and popcorn while watching my Netflix dvd. I kept having to pause it as various family members called, of course. It was a nice day. Hot like nothing else, but a nice day.

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