Wicked weather!

Okay, so I totally love storms. I mean, I’m not really interested in being a tornado chaser, but if it wasn’t so dangerous…  Anyhow, I have now experienced  my first and second times of Cincy’s tornado sirens going off (Of course, both were actually just severe thunderstorm warnings but the excitement was still there). Both times occurred while I was at work. The first was at the end of nap, my co-teacher and I each scooped up one of the two still-sleeping children while I “yelled” at the child in the bathroom to get up and pull his pants up (I work with toddlers). Then we got to all squash together at the bottom of a stairwell until the director came down 8 minutes later to tell us it was just t-storms.

The second time was right after I got to work, so I just had 2 children to get downstairs. Then last night, there was no siren, but a tremendous amount of lightening and I was thrilled. I love storms! Of course, I do feel bad for those who experienced damage. But I still get as excited as the meteorlogists with just the possiblity of something big.


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