Recent deals and Memorial Day weekend

Kroger tripWalgreens tripSo, Sarah U. asked what deals I’ve gotten recently. I just got some decent ones yesterday. I stopped by Walgreens where I picked up 2 bottles of Ajax dish detergent, 2 packs of Cottenelle wipe refills, and 2 packs of Extra gum. I actually walked away with the gum for free! I had 2 BOGO coupons and they both went through. With store and manufacturer’s coupons, I paid $6.88. Not bad, considering the wipes are normally $4.79 each.

I also stopped at Kroger where I walked away with 6 boxes of Cheerios and 4 packs of Dole fruit bowls for $11.96. At first I was a bit disappointed, till I realized I saved $14.10 with sales and coupons. So, I’m happy.

This past weekend, I did some crazy driving and went first to my parents’ up in Cleveland (Fri. after work) and then to see my grandma (Sat. am) in Rochester, NY. I took grandma to the zoo as she hadn’t been since I was about 10. I have membership here in Cinci and they let is in for free in Roch (it was supposed to be 50% off)! On Sunday, I got to attend the church I grew up in, which I haven’t been to in approx. 3 years. It was different, mainly because all the babies are grown, but it brought back lots of memories. Just sitting in the pew, I flew back to all the years of VBS (Vacation Bible School) and sitting through hot summers (no A/C). It seems so long ago, and yet it seems like yesterday all at the same time. Growing up is just weird!

After church, it was back to Cleveland to spend some time with the parents. We had a good time visiting and I got to see my car all torn up (my dad is cleaning off oodles of rust–he’s had it since April and I won’t get it back until Sept! I have his car right now). I brought a few more things back down to Cinci, so that made Mom happy!

Wow! This is a long post. Anyhow, it was a good weekend, but I think it should be 4 days!

One thought on “Recent deals and Memorial Day weekend

  1. There you go! Great shopping. I missed seeing you yesterday at the Open House…did you make it earlier than I did??

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